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Still loving fast cars, due to a leg injury last year, I don’t know if I can ever enjoy one in the same way.  A nice easy to control, not too fast acceleration and not too touchy brakes seems to be the choice ride for me these days.  I have driven sportier cars since the accident, I don’t know if I can handle a monster though, I’ll give it a try sometime surely.


Fast Cars and Image

I believe people generally drive cars because of what others think about them.  I am in the minority in that am concerned with what I like, so what if that happens to be a McLaren, hehe.   A more realistic dream car of mine is a Dodge Viper or even a suped up Camaro.  I really like those two styles of cars.  I would get the highest quality theft deterrent system if I had one of these nice cars, for obvious reasons.  My concern with what others think of what I drive is definitely for safety purposes.  I am the type to keep my lame car and drive that around people and only take the nice car out every now and again on my own.  Sort of like Batman, except without the silly suit and crime-fighting.  Do you think people drive cars because they like them, or because they are trying to portray a certain image?  I am not motivated to impress others with my nice car, I’ve had a pretty nice truck before and it mostly promotes jealousy anyway.  I really think that some people are only interested in having a very nice car because of what others will think.  We have all heard the stories of the people with a small, rundown house that drive a luxury car just so they can portray the false image.  As the economy has changed, however, living in a small, rundown house has become so commonplace this concept doesn’t seem to fit well anymore.  It’s funny how past viewpoints, and the reality of owning a certain car changes over time.

Fast Car Pics

These few pics of super sports cars are exactly the type of thing I’m interested in for my website. Right when I started up, a few years back, I e-mailed some companies and people I found on the internet to get some pics and I got a great reply from TAG Motorsports, who were happy to supply pics and info. If you have any pics of any fast car, either uber expensive, or just a Mustang GT or something that you are proud of, please send me pics and a bit of info about the car and yourself to I like to post the info for free, no costs. I do advertise some things on the site to try to make profit, but everything I have is viewable free to any viewer. I love these super cars with enhanced performance and style. It may look cheesy to some, but I dare anyone to tell me that an enhanced Lamborghini Spyder doesn’t look cool. Could use more pics of cars with NOS, small drag race type cars. All these super cars should be for everyone to enjoy and the owners are not typically shy to show them off!

Carrera S PDK project Car


I’d like to have a fancy sports car but don’t currently have one. I’m sure I am not the only one in this position. I like to look at cars on the internet, and have calendars of cars as well. I don’t know all the technical data on engines, but I enjoy a good ride and the looks and speed of a quality vehicle. The fastest car I can remember driving is a Cobra Mustang, the engine really roars on that thing, I think it has a v8. I have always dreamed of owning a Dodge Viper and will own one eventually. I haven’t seen the 2011 Viper, I hope they changed it, I hated the 2010 version.  The earlier Vipers had distinguishing side panels and features, the 2010 version was just smoothed out and had no personality imo.  The V10 beastly engine is raw power, and I would love to feel what it is like to drive one.  That or a Bugatti Veyron with it’s 16 cylinder engine and 1001 horesepower, I really can’t imagine what it would feel like to drive that car, the V8 Cobra Mustang I drove seemed like a monster and the Veyron has twice as many cylinders!