I believe people generally drive cars because of what others think about them.  I am in the minority in that am concerned with what I like, so what if that happens to be a McLaren, hehe.   A more realistic dream car of mine is a Dodge Viper or even a suped up Camaro.  I really like those two styles of cars.  I would get the highest quality theft deterrent system if I had one of these nice cars, for obvious reasons.  My concern with what others think of what I drive is definitely for safety purposes.  I am the type to keep my lame car and drive that around people and only take the nice car out every now and again on my own.  Sort of like Batman, except without the silly suit and crime-fighting.  Do you think people drive cars because they like them, or because they are trying to portray a certain image?  I am not motivated to impress others with my nice car, I’ve had a pretty nice truck before and it mostly promotes jealousy anyway.  I really think that some people are only interested in having a very nice car because of what others will think.  We have all heard the stories of the people with a small, rundown house that drive a luxury car just so they can portray the false image.  As the economy has changed, however, living in a small, rundown house has become so commonplace this concept doesn’t seem to fit well anymore.  It’s funny how past viewpoints, and the reality of owning a certain car changes over time.